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The Future

The fund today needs to continue building to ensure that future Catholic educational needs can be met for the parishioners of St. Pius Church. The more money raised, the less the tuition needs to be raised. In the past year, with the investments that were made by the Fund, St. Pius School was able to keep the tuition increase at a minimum. The current Fund balance is substantial. However, as facilities age the cost of maintenance increases with each year. Also, a downturn in the market can adversely affect the fund. This, combined with the ongoing increase in the cost of living in this area, requires that the parents and parishioners of St. Pius School continue to invest in the Fund to provide for future costs.

Since only the interest from the investments is available to use, the Fund balance must remain substantial to provide a meaningful gain from these investments. The Endowment Fund will continue to provide a steady source of income for the school.

An investment in the Endowment is an investment in the future of the children of St. Pius Parish.

How to Participate

Donors may make commitments to the Fund in the form of pledges or letters of intent. All pledges may be fulfilled over a three-year period. Pledges may include any of the following: Cash Donations, Securities, Stocks, Bonds, Bequests, Grants, and Matching Grants.

All parishioners are encouraged to make a contribution to Catholic education at St. Pius Parish even if no family members are currently in the school. This may be accomplished by contacting:

St. Pius School Endowment Fund
1100 Woodside Road
Redwood City, CA 94061
(650) 361-1411