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St. Pius Preschool is guided by a Catholic pre-primary curriculum. We believe that children learn best when they have the freedom to explore their environments, select materials that are self-correcting and given time to learn and absorb the concepts being investigated. The teacher is seen as a guide for the learning that occurs, and provides learning tasks or jobs based upon observation of the child. Life-long learning occurs most efficiently when the individual child's interests and development determine the materials being offered for exploration.

St. Pius Preschool is a ten-month program, September – June. The preschool will observe all holidays, vacations and summer break as listed on the school year calendar.

Children must be toilet trained, able to comfortably separate from parents, and interact positively with others. If a child does not show signs of readiness we will ask that you withdraw your child and re-enroll at a later date.

Enrollment priority is given in order to: siblings of St. Pius Elementary School, St. Pius parishioners, Catholics at a parish without a school, and to non-Catholics.