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Extended Care

The Extended Day Care Program is available to St. Pius School students, whether on a regular basis or drop in status. It serves the students of St. Pius School from kindergarten through eighth grade. The Day Care Facility is located on the school grounds and is staffed by dedicated personnel.


The philosophy of St. Pius Extended Day Care is to provide the students with a physical, social and emotional environment in a familiar Christian setting. The goal is to work together to help make the day care program a happy and worthwhile experience in keeping with the basic philosophy of St. Pius School.


The Extended Day Care Program is available to St. Pius School students, whether on a regular daily basis or drop-in status. The program is operated on a non-discriminatory basis, equal treatment and access to service without regard to race, color, disability and national and/or ethnic origin.


The Extended Day Care serves children from kindergarten through eighth grade.


Fees are separate from tuition and checks should be made out to St. Pius Day Care. All families using Day Care must pay a $50.00 registration fee. A set fee of $4.80 an hour will be charged. For part of an hour, the fee is broken into 1/4 hour increments of $1.20 each quarter hour. All monies should be paid weekly. Drop-in fees will also be billed weekly.

Hours of Operation

Day Care will follow the school calendar and be open all scheduled school days from 7:30AM to 8:00AM and 2:30PM until 6:00PM. If you fail to pick up your child by 6:00PM, there will be an additional charge of $5.00 for every five minutes to be paid immediately.



Snacks will be served daily.

Policies and Procedures

Emergency Cards

All children are required to have an emergency card on file at St. Pius Day Care Center in addition to the emergency information kept in the school office. This will enable the staff to act in an emergency on the parent's behalf for the good of the child.

Parents Responsibility

Your child's safety and well being is the main concern of the Day Care staff. Emergency forms should be kept current. It is your responsibility to sign your child in and out and inform the staff of any person designated by you to pick up your child at any time. Students may not leave Day Care without a parent or other designated person.


Unacceptable behavior (i.e. physical aggression, bad language, etc.) will not be tolerated. It will be expected that your child demonstrate proper respect for staff and other children enrolled in the program.


No child will be placed in Day Care if he/she is ill. If a child becomes ill while in Day Care, it will be the responsibility of the parent to have the child picked up within a reasonable amount of time, after notification of the illness.


Only properly labeled medication will be dispensed while a child is in Day Care and ONLY WITH A SIGNED DOCTOR'S NOTE. Properly labeled means: name accompanied by a form signed by parents and by the doctor.


For minor injuries first aid will be administered and the parent will be informed.

For serious injuries and/ or emergencies parents are notified and the instructions, as outlined by the parent and on the emergency form, will be carried out.

Child Abuse

The Day Care staff is obligated to report cases of suspected child abuse under the Mandatory Child Abuse law, California Penal code Section 11161.5. If your child has an accident or has injuries that could look suspicious, please inform the Day Care Director.


Students may not use the Day Care phone and parents are asked to call Day Care only for emergencies. Day Care shares the school phone line and this line should not be tied up. Pick-up arrangements, playdates, etc. should all be arranged before your child comes to school. Cell phones may not be used by students in Day Care.

Unattended Children

Day Care is only available for St. Pius School children. Children not signed in to Day Care may not be in the Day Care area. This includes children of parents volunteering on the school grounds.

Study Hall

Students in grades 3-8 may attend supervised Study Hall on long Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 3:15-4:00PM. The student must first sign in to Day Care and the $4.80 per hour fee will be paid through Day Care.