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The curriculum for the art program at St. Pius School combines art history with an overall introduction to art techniques and a variety of materials. Students learn about fine artists, design concepts and explore religious art. Working with grade level curriculum, literature and computer technology integrates the arts into other areas of education.


focuses on exploring new materials and techniques. Students learn about the world of art and artists and are introduced to paint, paper, markers and pastels in the ways that artists use them.

First Grade students

continue to develop creative expression and use a variety of materials to illustrate and paint stories, ideas and concepts. They are introduced to fine artists and new materials throughout the year through examples and stories.

Second Grade

students continue to develop and build on art concepts and skills they have learned. Children's books and fine art examples are used to explore art concepts and themes.

Third Grade

students learn to represent the world visually as they observe it and draw how they imagine it to be. Lesson themes include social studies, literature and fine artist studies.

Fourth Grade

students learn to observe and represent the world with various art materials. They explore early California history, Native American and other fine artists through a variety of mixed media projects.

Fifth Grade

student art lessons integrate social studies through lessons centered around early American history, navigation and exploration. Students use a variety of media to render projects ranging from ships to antiqued maps.

Sixth Grade

students study elements of design and art with lessons centered around ancient cultures of Egypt, Greece and Rome. They continue to develop skills by creating form with line and three-dimensional rendering with value.

Seventh Grade

students experiment with a variety of media and techniques and understand art as a process of discovery, invention, and visualization. Lessons are centered around art from early world cultures to the Renaissance.

Eighth Grade

students will experiment with a variety of media and techniques with lessons focused on American artists. They continue to explore materials and techniques and develop observation skills.