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Sixth Grade

The sixth grade curriculum is designed to help sixth grade students make the adjustment from middle school into junior high school. Beginning with language arts, students learn syntax and organization in essay writing in English. They expand their vocabulary and learn analogies, synonyms and antonyms with the Wordly Wise vocabulary series. Lastly, they write creatively, learn to speak orally, understand parts of a story and analyze characters and stories in literature class. In science, they focus on Earth Science, learning about the earth's structure, ecology and other areas. They also learn to investigate and experiment with different scientific processes. In mathematics, they focus on mathematical reasoning, pre-algebra, beginning functions of geometry, probability, statistics, and for the first time are introduced to integers. In social studies, students learn about the history of ancient civilizations beginning with early man and then weave their way through Egypt, China, Japan, Greece and the Americas, ending with Rome. The primary topic in religion class is the Old Testament. Students also learn how God functions in their lives, the parts of the Mass and the sacraments. The sixth graders also learn organization and time management skills. The class also attends an outdoor education trip. Students also enjoy classes in art, technology, music, Spanish and P.E.