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Seventh Grade

The seventh grade class studies religion, social studies, literature and vocabulary together in homeroom. Seventh graders visit math, science, and English classes to round out each day. They also enjoy weekly classes in art, technology and music and twice weekly Spanish and physical education classes. In literature class Literature, Reading and Language, is the text. In this class students enjoy reading a mix of classic, contemporary and multicultural literature that reflect the exciting nature of their own society. Student projects in each unit help to move the students from the literature to interactions with real-world communication. The student textbook for English is Prentice Hall Writing and Grammar and focuses on fine tuning skills in grammar, usage, and mechanics as well as communication in the information age. In addition, students will be expected to write for a variety of purposes with clarity and coherence. In vocabulary class Wordly Wise 3000 is the text. In this class, students study a weekly word list. They learn definitions, pronunciations and parts of speech. They complete activities where they find meanings, improve sentences, apply meaning and discuss word relationships.

The focus of seventh grade math is pre-algebra and in science it is life science.

In religion class students use the Faith First Legacy series. The two areas of focus are the New Testament and the Church and Sacraments.

In social studies the students study world history from the fall of Rome to Medieval Times.