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Kindergarten students spend lots of time working in small groups and as a class to learn the ways to be a good neighbor and citizen, as well as the academic skills to be a successful student. In language arts, students develop a love of reading as they explore letters, sounds, and sight vocabulary following the principles of the ELA Common Core. Handwriting skills emerge as students begin using letters to represent sounds and form words. In religion, kindergartners learn to love one another and follow the Golden Rule. They learn, as children of God, they are part of God’s family and can pray to Him at any time. During math the children enjoy taking part in various hands-on activities that involve working out and solving problems in line with the Common Core Standards. The children work with a variety of manipulatives including counters, dice, geoboards, counting jewels, addition beads, and pattern blocks to do simple counting, addition and subtraction, and to create patterns. Social studies and science are very exciting because of the ways the children have the opportunity to learn through real world experiences and hands-on experiments. Kindergarten is much more than learning the basics; the children learn how to share, work and play together inside the classroom and on the playground. They paint, build, play and create arts and crafts. Technology, which is integrated throughout the various school subjects, includes the use of devices such as a SMART Board (interactive whiteboard), laptops, and iPads, which are used in very age-appropriate ways to enhance and enrich student learning. The children also take part in a variety of classes with other teachers such as P.E., Spanish, technology, music, and art. Kindergarten is a busy room where children have fun while learning.