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Fourth Grade

In fourth grade at St. Pius School, students take their education further and deeper, not only learning the content and standards, but also growing and working together in a Catholic environment. Fourth Graders analyze Bible stories, discuss meanings and messages, and try to model their lives as Jesus taught throughout the religion curriculum. Common core state standards have been applied to English Language Arts and Math. In English, the students continue to build on and practice grammar skills that have been learned in previous grades. They learn important grammar rules to use when writing and speaking. Reading skills in fourth grade are expanded as students read for critical information, learn to identify the different elements of a story, and make inferences from the text. Students are using the math common core standards to further develop their multiplication, division, fractions and basic algebra skills. Social Studies is a very active subject for the fourth graders at St. Pius School; learning about our state’s history from the Native Americans, to the missions, to the gold rush, all through becoming a state. The students have many opportunities to work on improving their writing and strengthening their vocabulary across all subjects. Students’ writing may include story writing, descriptive and informational paragraphs, along with research practice. Lastly, the science curriculum includes a combination of the three branches of science: biological, earth, and physical. The students also enjoy their classes in Spanish, art, music, technology and physical education.