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First Grade

First grade has many exciting things going on! In religion, students learn about what it means to be a Christian and how they can make a difference in the lives of others. This includes monthly character trait themes. Common core state standards are addressed in both math and language arts. The Math Common Core standards addressed are: operations and algebraic thinking, number and operations in base 10, measurement and data, and geometry. In math, they focus on their addition and subtraction math facts, as well as explore units such as graphing, problem solving, time, measurement, and the basics of geometry with the use of manipulatives and technology. The English Language Arts Common Core curriculum strives to create readers who effectively make meaning, build knowledge, express understanding and gain a solid foundation of literacy. Essential areas: reading literature, reading informational text, foundational skills (phonics, fluency, print concepts), writing, and speaking/listening skills. The goal in language arts is to instill a life-long love for literature by using an integrated approach (reading, writing, spelling, phonics). Students should become confident, well-rounded readers and writers. The social studies program uses an approach with a text path (weekly reader sheet), a digital path (technology), and an active path (activities). Topics covered include citizenship, our country, people, places and cultures, and changes over time. In science, a hands-on approach is used that combines observation, recording, experiments, and literature. Students learn about living things, the weather and seasons, and matter and energy. Students also receive instruction in the areas of art, technology, music, Spanish, and P.E.