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Fifth Grade

Fifth grade is a very important year in a student's academic career as they complete the intermediate years of school and begin preparing for the challenges of junior high. With the help of teachers and parents, fifth graders learn to work more independently and focus on becoming more responsible for their own academic progress. St. Pius School’s challenging curriculum meets the standards set forth by the Archdiocese of San Francisco and the State of California. Religious studies are based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church and focus on doctrine, scripture, and liturgical lessons. Our math program follows common core standards, and at the same time fosters curiosity and problem-solving skills. Fifth grade math students learn about fractions, decimals, geometry, algebraic thinking, and more. The English Language Arts program follows common core standards. In ELA students analyze and identify key elements of fiction and nonfiction. As students built their skills, they apply their new knowledge to their writing. Students write in various genres as well as a research project. Fifth graders polish their grammar, vocabulary and spelling. In social studies, students begin their study of United States history by considering pre-Columbian (before Columbus) culture and early European explorations. Students then move on to the founding of the colonies, the revolution, the formation of our country, and westward expansion. In science, students investigate three main topics: systems of living things, weather and space, and matter and its properties. Fifth graders also enjoy classes in art, music, technology, Spanish, and physical education. Fifth grade is certainly a year to remember at St. Pius School!