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Curriculum Review

St. Pius School provides a challenging, comprehensive and relevant curriculum for each student. The school uses both the San Francisco Archdiocesan Guidelines and the California state standards to design and implement this curriculum. Religion, language arts and mathematics instruction provide a strong core curriculum. In addition, social studies, science, art, music, Spanish, technology and physical education round out the academic experience.

Each class schedules field trips that enrich the curriculum. In addition, the sixth and eighth grades typically have a week long experience attending outdoor education.

St. Pius School students consistently score well above the national average on standardized tests. Graduates have remarkable success in getting accepted to the Catholic high school of their choice.

St. Pius School has long been noted for its excellence in promoting Catholic identity. All students participate in the school's religion program that includes:

Each month a class is responsible for preparing a liturgy for the entire school. Parents are encouraged to attend these services. During Lent, children are encouraged to attend daily mass and one day per week each class meets to attend morning mass together.

Students also have the chance to participate in other parish activities such as the parish play and youth ministry.