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Principal's Welcome

Welcome to St. Pius School!

Marc Nava 27Dear Families and Friends of St. Pius School,

Welcome back to a new school year! A year that calls for rejoicing and celebration as we return to full in-person learning with limited restrictions. We are excited to start the school year off as a community following the challenges of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Though there are still health guidelines that we must follow and adhere to, we are ecstatic to have all of the students back on campus for the 21-22 academic year.

Our School Theme this is year is “Verso l’alto: To the Heights!” A popular phrase by Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati (1901 – 1925). Frassati, known as “a saint on skis,” was a young man of faith, who loved God and the Mass as much as he loved nature and adventure. Frassati was passionate about attending daily Mass, praying the rosary daily, and helping those in need, often giving money or his possessions to the poor. He was very active within the SVD society, caring for the sick and poor. At 24 years old, Frassati contracted polio, and though very ill, he still attended to the needs of those who called upon him for aide.

Sadly, Frassati died in 1925. At his funeral, his friends and family became aware of the impact he had in the lives of countless others. He came to learn of his devoted service to others, and his immense love for God and the Church. Frassati was declared a “Blessed” in 1990 by St. Pope John Paul II, who called him “a joyful apostle of Christ.” Frassati’s phrase, “Verso l’alto” is representative of the life he lived – a constant striving to reach the summit of eternal life. He serves as a great example for our students both in how he lived his life as a faithful Catholic, but also in how he strived for greatness. As much as it is difficult to climb mountains and reach the summit, Frassati reminds us that it is possible if we work for it and keep the faith. His motto reminds us to keep trying, to keep climbing, and aim high. When we aim high, we can achieve great things, and it is there that we can be closest to our God.

This past year and a half have been greatly challenging for all of us. With a spirit like Frassati’s however, our students have been able to withstand and overcome those challenges and reach new heights. Since the start of the Pandemic our students have fully embodied our School-wide Learning Expectation and Core Values. They have Loved, Served, Led, Sought, and Persevered.

As Caring and Compassionate Individuals – they have supported and encouraged each other, they continued to serve others through Charity drives and Community Service.

As Active Christians – they continued to pray for our world, community, and especially those most effected by the pandemic. They attended and participated in school liturgies, prayer services, reconciliations services, and Sunday Masses. They loved God with all their minds, hearts, and souls, and showed Christian charity towards others, especially their friends and classmates.

As Responsible Citizens – they lead their community in understanding what it means to be an active member of a community and to serve others. They supported local essential workers and emergency personnel, helped set up and clean up for the outdoor Masses, raised funds for those affected by wildfires, and by gave to children in need through Missionary charity boxes at Easter.

As Enthusiastic Lifelong Learners – they sought out ways to learn new things, to grow in their learning and share their God given talents with others, especially during a pandemic. Our students did not just attend classes and complete assignments to check off a list, rather they engaged in their classes with intentionality and purpose, and framed challenges as opportunities for growth.

In the coming school year, we have new challenges to face and new heights to reach. I know that our students will be successful, especially with Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati on their side, praying for them and cheering them on - reminding all of us of his motto, “Verso l’alto – To the Heights!”

I am honored to continue to work side by side with you and your children this year, reaching for the summit in learning and faith.

May God bless St. Pius Catholic School!

Mr. Marc Nava