Faculty and Staff

Principal's Message

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the St. Pius School website. This is a wonderful school where everyone works together for the benefit of the students. Students receive a strong academic education infused with Catholic Christian values. This prepares students to be active Christians devoted to their faith, socially responsible citizens and educated people. We hope that our students move on to become leaders in their church and community and face the challenges of our world in a context of faith.

St. Pius School is a part of the larger St. Pius Parish Community. Families are actively involved in both the parish and the school and what they give often comes back to them a hundredfold.

This website should give you most of the information you are looking for about our school. It includes a brief history, class pages, parent resources, frequently asked questions, the faculty, and admissions information.

Experienced, dedicated and caring teachers who share a commitment to the faith and to excellence in education, staff St. Pius School. These individuals, many with advanced degrees and years of experience, have actively chosen to work in Catholic education. They share a common vision of teaching within an environment of trust, respect and love.

The spirit of community and love of God at St. Pius School is exemplified by the highly motivated staff. The faculty consists of a principal, vice principal, 13 full time teachers and two part-time teachers with an average teaching experience of 11 years. These positions include a science teacher, math teacher, an art instructor, and a resource specialist. Fifteen hold teaching credentials, and eight have masters degrees. The St. Pius Preschool has a director and 4 teachers. An independent contractor, Rhythm and Moves, provides instructors that teach the PE and music curriculum and IES language foundation provides Spanish instruction. Salesian Academy provides IT services, and Beyond Technology is the technology education program. Additional support staff includes a secretary, six aides, a library coordinator and three part-time day care personnel.

Faculty Members

Title Name Email
Principal Rita Carroll rcarroll@stpiusschool.org
Vice Principal Colleen Langridge clangridge@stpiusschool.org
Kindergarten Shelley Crueldad sorourke@stpiusschool.org
Kindergarten Tammy Nurisso tnurisso@stpiusschool.org
First Grade Julie Brand jbrand@stpiusschool.org
Second Grade Katie Austin kaustin@stpiusschool.org
Third Grade Kirstin DeAngelis kdeangelis@stpiusschool.org
Fourth Grade Megan Andreano mandreano@stpiusschool.org
Fifth Grade Moriah Ponder mponder@stpiusschool.org
Sixth Grade Cassandra Cleveland ccleveland@stpiusschool.org
Seventh Grade Clare Teixeira cteixeira@stpiusschool.org
Eighth Grade Gene Borja gborja@stpiusschool.org
Math Ashley Vita avita@stpiusschool.org
Science / Math Jennifer Keating jkeating@stpiusschool.org
Art Denise Kirksey dkirksey@stpiusschool.org
Resource Cheryl Raffetto craffetto@stpiusschool.org
Resource Sara Trulove strulove@stpiusschool.org
Counselor Tamara Jamali tjamali@stpiusschool.org
Liturgies Cathy Yee catnapy@yahoo.com
Extended Care/Primary Aide Becky Ott daycare@stpiusschool.org
Primary Aide Monica Hird
Primary Aide Jocelyn Orozco
Primary Aide Christine Dulany
Primary Aide Kate Aveson

School Office Staff

Secretary Sandy Edens sedens@stpiusschool.org
Bookkeeper Debbie Castelli Debbie@pius.org

Maintenance Staff

Staff Gary Castelli
Staff Amador Maldonado